Thursday 22 August 2013

Corner Protectors a Moving Must!

As you back up the moving truck into the driveway of your new home, you're most likely dreading the process of unloading the truck and wedging everything through doorways and down narrow halls into newly designated spaces.

Looking down at your phone, you sigh as you spot another text message from Uncle Al. As much as you may appreciate his willingness, you can't help but remember what happened the last time he helped you move. Who knew a piano could make that much noise going down an entire flight of stairs!

Or perhaps this time you've decided to bite the bullet and hire professional movers. Although you're happy to have a trained crew in place to handle the heavy stuff, you're still nervous to let anybody but family handle all of your earthly possessions.  As you watch the movers manhandle your dining-room table and casually toss boxes off the truck, you develop mild heartburn.

You find yourself eyeing your pristine, newly-painted house askance, wondering how much chipped or scuffed paint you're going to be dealing with by the end of the day.

Then you breathe a bit more easily as you remember that at least all of your corners are safe. You've invested in stainless steel corner protectors so as to guarantee that even in the event of another incident with the piano, at least the edges of your walls are completely protected from any incidental damage. 

Since the corner protectors look great, your wife isn't even bothered that you installed them without her prior express knowledge. You're feeling so good that you may even be inspired to call Uncle Al and ask him over to help!

Then again, maybe not.

If you have questions regarding how our steel checker plate corner protectors can be used to protect the walls of your home, please do contact us at any time.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Get Some Wall Guards Installed Before the Students Arrive!

The student invasion is just around the corner. You’ve spent the entire summer fixing up all the dorm rooms on campus, and you just can’t believe the amount of damage some students can do—especially when they are supposed to be studying hard and focused on creating a successful future for themselves. Hard to believe!

But you’ve managed to do it. All the dorm rooms, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, doorways and foyers are looking bright, with fresh paint and undamaged walls and corners.

Too bad that in a few short weeks, much of your careful work will have been undone by a few careless students as they move into the dorms and settle into their rooms for another year of studying, partying, and generally disregarding the welfare of the buildings they are living in.

Here is one suggestion that can help. We strongly suggest that you install wall guards in the public spaces of your dorm buildings. In addition to protecting corners from casual abuse by careless students, they will go a long way toward minimizing the damage caused when students first move in, in just a few short weeks. Stainless steel or galvanized corner guards provide protection for all your exposed corners, from move-in weekend through graduation exit. They will also decrease the amount of repair work on your plate next summer!

You can also further protect the walls, the students, and your school insurance rates by choosing the popular WallGrip edge. This innovative design compensates for wall corners that are no longer a perfect 90 degrees—which might be the case in many of your dorm buildings after years of abuse and repair. The WallGrip will reduce the amount of exposed edge on the corner guard, decreasing the chance that a student will catch a sleeve, or arm, on the sharp edge of a corner guard while roughhousing in the hallway.

To learn more about these protective wall guards, contact us today.