Thursday 25 July 2013

The Advantages and Varied Uses of Corner Guards in Public Institutions

Whether in a hospital, hotel, restaurant, office, or home, walls all behave the same way: knock into their corners, and you have some unattractive scrapes or chips to deal with. To prevent the constant repairs, sanding, painting, and expense that come with chipped corners, many people turn to corner guards for maintaining their drywall, brick, or plaster walls.

Imagine paramedics sweeping into a hospital with stretchers and knocking bits and pieces of wall out of the way as they bump into corners to rush into the operating room; or bellboys hurrying to move a client's luggage and inadvertently slamming his metal briefcase into an intricately sculpted column; or unattended children playing tag in a restaurant and knocking plates off tables into walls; or new co-worker Bob moving into his office carrying three different boxes and inevitably running into the corner on his way to the cubicle.

Whatever the case, unprotected corners, particularly in densely populated and traveled areas, are more than likely to be abused in some form or other, and as a consequence, lead to deterioration in walls and other affected equipment, unnecessary spending for repairs, and worst off, the scrapes or bruises on people's knees. It's why public institutions like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, or offices make frequent use of corner guards and protectors to keep the interior and exterior of their building professional and well-kempt in appearance and functionality. Not only that, but corner guards have become common enough that they are considered as complementary or even stylish to different environments, almost akin to makeup on a female or rugs in a home, rather than as simply "additions."

Our products vary in size and material, whether you're looking for a smooth finish as a sleek outfit to the office, or a checker plate surface to emphasize a unique, rugged, high-tech look.

In effect, these materials offer protection, quality, the prospect of saving money and time on repairs, and in some cases, even a unique flair of design. We offer corner guards in stainless steel, which complements any type of environment, professional or personal; galvanized steel, which is ideal for harsh and particularly moist conditions; aluminum checker plate, which is perfect for that industrial, high-tech, professional grade look for walls or equipment; steel checker plate, for those wanting a more industrial look; and industrial steel type, meant for areas with heavy machinery and equipment.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of these benefits! Visit our website and contact us to order up your own corner guards - for the sake of yourself, and your abused walls.

Monday 8 July 2013

Checker Plate Corner Protectors: Where Fashion Meets Function

When it comes to choosing corner protectors for your busy spaces, you probably aren’t thinking about fashion. Heck, fashion is probably not even in your business’ vocabulary, but you don’t have to know about what’s in style to know what looks good. We’re not talking runway models and clothes; we’re talking about choosing corner protectors that look professional and do a great job at what they are designed for, which is keeping your walls looking great and undamaged.

Let’s face it, corner guards aren’t exactly the type of thing that you look at and say, ‘My, that’s the latest in corner protection trends!’ But, you are definitely going to notice if they are cheaply made or just not up to doing the job of protecting your business or residential structures. One of the best looking, multi-use types of corner protectors also happens to be one of the best looking types available. Checker plate corner protectors add a polished, protective finish to your corners, and they look as good as they protect.

An industrial space deserves a sleek, hard-working design that will protect your drywall, brick and plaster wall corners. Once you’ve got your space the way you want it to look, don’t ruin the look, or risk damaging the walls, with an inferior corner guard. The beauty of the checker plate design is twofold; it looks amazing in any setting, and it doesn’t show up the scuffs and bangs that plain steel or aluminum surfaces do.

There’s a reason why so many industries love the checker plate design. It looks great and does a great job of protecting property. Consider the most common places checker plate corner guards are used, hospitals, airports, restaurants and garages, and you’ll know why it’s such a popular choice. For high traffic areas that need to present a ‘good face’, these corner guards pull double duty, keeping walls safe and looking great while they’re at it.

Here at Boss Corner Guards, we have the best checker plate corner guards for your needs. Contact us to find the right protection for your corners, whatever your style is.