Friday 15 November 2013

Corner Guards and Office Flu Prevention: Winter Necessities for Your Business

According to the commercial cleaning experts at Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System, flu protection is a vital part of keeping your office running smoothly. Many illness-causing germs that are shared in an office environment can be eliminated by understanding germ hotspots and how the flu virus is frequently spread.

The average office phone, for example, carries 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, Coverall reports. Other common office surfaces that germs live on include door handles, faucet handles, vending machine, elevator and ATM buttons, as well as drinking fountains, keyboards and touchscreens. Flu germs can live on surfaces for days and people are often infected by getting the germs on their hands and then touching their faces. Typically, most flu outbreaks are seen between the months of December through February.

Frequent disinfection of office surfaces can help keep your employees feeling healthy. And Boss Corner Guards can help keep your wall corners looking healthy. A busy office environment often sees drywall damage as employees accidentally clip the corners when hauling supplies or even with their winter shoes and boots. Now you can keep your corners looking clean and professional and skip the ordeal of trying to repair or replace those corners or match the paint of newly repaired corners.

With over twenty years in the business of supplying corner guards that are of superior quality, along with the willingness to go above and beyond with both our product and our service, Boss Corner Guards is a name you can trust. For more information on our corner guards and how we can help you keep your office corners looking healthy this winter, contact us.

Friday 1 November 2013

Drywall Protectors: a Smart Investment

One of the most common building materials of our time, drywall can be found in almost any home or business. Its relative cheapness, ease of accessibility, and straightforward installation process have made it a highly desirable building material. It's become so common that most of us would be surprised to discover a wall not made of it.

Despite its immense popularity as a building material, though, drywall is not perfect. Although it may be more economical and easy to install, using it comes with some serious drawbacks: it's weaker, more temporary, less soundproof, and a poor insulator when compared to the older, more traditional plaster walls. 

Because of these weaknesses, both homeowners and small business owners often find themselves needing to repair or replace damaged sections of drywall, especially along highly-trafficked hallways and around the edges of doorways. From incidental corner chips to falling shelving units to fists flying through walls, accidents happen. To this end, drywall protectors prove to be a smart investment. With them in place, you can rest assured that at least your most-traveled junction points are protected against mishap.

With a stylish brushed finish, our stainless steel corner guards can complement the decor of any home, while our aluminum checker plate or galvanized steel corner guards are perfectly suited to for the interior and exterior corners of your business.

And remember that with the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our gift certificate program for the conscientious homemaker or small business owner in your life.

For more information on the benefits of installing drywall protectors, please feel free to contact us.