Friday 19 December 2014

The Difference Between Industrial and Regular Corner Guards

Choosing the right type of corner guard can make a big difference in the corner guard's overall effectiveness, particularly for industrial use. Here is a comprehensive look at the difference between our regular and industrial corner guards:

Regular corner guards:

Our regular corner guards are made out of either stainless steel or aluminum and can be used for indoor home or commercial use. 

Our stainless steel corner guards are our best sellers and are popular due to their versatility as well as their smooth, brushed  surface. Stainless steel corner guards are recommended for indoor commercial use in an office or for home use. The brushed finish looks polished and complements any indoor space, such as an office, home kitchen, or even a warehouse. 

Our aluminum checker plate corner guards are designed with a bright mirror-like finish and are a great complement for any space that wants a high-tech look along with superior corner protection. Unlike our stainless steel corner guards that are generally used on indoor spaces such as  homes and offices, our aluminum metal corner guards help protect drywall, brick, and plaster corners. They can even be used to protect exposed corners of industrial machines, freezers/refrigerators, etc. 

Industrial corner guards

Stainless steel and aluminum corner guards have their places, and they work well protecting indoor corners in homes, offices, and even industrial spaces. However, when you need to protection for heavy-duty applications such as industrial yards, loading door thresholds, interior warehouses, building and garage exteriors, maintenance rooms, and any other space that houses heavy equipment and/or machinery, you need an industrial corner guard. Industrial corner guards offer protection from transport trucks and loaders, as well as heavy equipment and machinery. Our corner guards are available with grey primer, or you can paint them any color.

For more assistance choosing the right type of corner guard for your home, office, or industrial use, contact us today.  We'd be happy to go over your project 

Friday 12 December 2014

The Interior Decorators Secret - Decorative Wall Corner Guards

When you decided to paint your walls and decorate your home or business, one of the things that you may not have considered were the wall corners. These inconspicuous areas can take a lot of abuse from people bumping into them with equipment and from everyday wear. One of the best ways to protect them is with metal wall corner guards. They don't have to be plain and boring though, decorative wall corner guards add spice, personality and a touch of class to your home or business.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel – It's found on kitchen appliances and other accessories because it's easy to clean and provides a crisp, clean finish. Installing stainless steel corner guards is another way to give your kitchen an updated, clean look. But don't stop there, they also look fantastic in a modern office setting, professional kitchen or warehouse space. Besides looking good, they also keep corners protected from the rigors of everyday life and work.
  • Galvanized Steel – This corrosion resistant metal is an ideal way to help protect areas of your building, warehouse or restaurant facility that are prone to moisture. Galvanized steel corner guards are generally used in warehouses, on brick buildings and even on equipment, but those aren't the only uses. They can also be used to decorate even the most modern of residential and office spaces. Galvanized corner guards are an ideal way to bring an industrial element into the décor for an interesting twist.
  • Checker Plate Aluminum – You usually see this kind of aluminum on machinery and in mechanics garages and that's a shame. The texture and bright, shiny finish make it a beautiful way to liven up any type of space. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also durable enough to withstand just about anything that you can dish out. Whether you're installing it in your home or your business, you'll get compliments galore from corner guards made of this versatile metal.
  • Sheet Metal – Although the name makes this materiel seem common and uninteresting, it's anything but. Like the other metals mentioned above, it's equally at home in a residential setting or a commercial location. There really isn't a place that sheet metal corner guards won't work. The finish isn't as shiny as aluminum so it's a bit more subtle, making it an ideal material for the less-than-flashy decorator with an eye for detail.
Decorating and painting a room, office space or building takes a lot of time, energy and money. When the corners get bumped, scraped and dinged or when water creeps in, it can be frustrating. One way that you can assure this won't happen is to install metal corner guards. Contact us to learn more about these unique, decorative corner guards and how you can incorporate them into your own décor.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Why Plastic Corner Guards Are Your Weakest Link

Putting corner guards on your building just makes good sense. Corners are some of the most often damaged parts of a building, both inside and out. Whether it's sleet and wet trying to wriggle into the weak point of a building's exterior, or furniture being moved around inside the office, the corner is where a lot of the damage is going to be done.

That said, if you're going to put up corner guards then choosing plastic corner guards might be like using a paper shield to stop a bullet.

What's Wrong With Plastic Corner Guards?

Plastic corner guards are better than no guards at all, but they're nowhere near as good as metal corner guards. Plastic breaks easily, it's at the mercy of the elements, and the first cold snap can render them brittle and easily cracked. Impacts will crack and break them, and plastic simply won't stand up to long term use. Even interior corner guards simply won't last when comparing plastic to metal.

Why You Should Use Metal Corner Guards Instead

The only advantage that plastic corner guards have over metal ones is their price; plastic is slightly cheaper, without a doubt. It's also important to remember that when it comes to construction and building that you get exactly what you pay for. Metal corner guards come in a variety of materials and types, and they can be decorative, practical, or both! If you need something that fits with your decor then corner guards with a brushed steel finish might add a touch of charm to your interior halls. If you need something on your exterior that will withstand sea side winters then galvanized steel will resist the temperature changes, the salt, and the corrosion that typically comes with a moist atmosphere.

Even the toughest plastics won't be able to hold a candle to metal corner guards, and they'll need to be replaced more often. Buying cheaper corner guards and replacing them every few years (or more) means that in the long term plastic corner guards aren't even less expensive than their metal counterparts.

For more information on the corner guards that will suit your building simply contact us today!

Friday 21 November 2014

Metal Corner Guards - Choosing What's Right For You

For those who are serious about protecting their walls it's a good idea to install metal corner guards whenever possible. It isn't enough to just install any metal corner guards though; different projects will require different guards. Deciding which guards are best for you may take a bit of planning, but can be well worth the effort.

To help you choose the best possible guards, here are four different areas you need to evaluate.


One of the primary considerations you need to keep in mind is how strong your corner guards need to be. For example, do you need to have thick, industrial primed steel or stainless steel on your corners? Or will aluminum do the job just as well? You need to look at what the dangers are to your corners, and what would best protect the walls.


While armoring your corners with steel guards might leave you feeling secure, you also need to ask yourself how long your guards are going to last once they're in place. Will your guards have to deal with moisture? Will they have to endure temperature changes, or are they going to be in a temperature-controlled environment? Bare steel is strong, there's no doubt, but it will rust fairly quickly. Aluminum might not be as strong, but it won't rust no matter what kind of environment you put it in.  Stainless steel is often considered the best combination of strength and corrosion-resistance.


Sometimes you can focus on pure functionality when it comes to your metal corner guards, and sometimes you have to take the overall aesthetic into account. If you're in an office space that's geared to look upscale and appealing with galvanized steel be the fly in the punch bowl? Would brushed stainless or shiny aluminum checker plate corner guards be more attractive, and maintain the look of a room while still providing the protection you need?


It's imperative to know what your budget is before you start buying metal corner guards. You need to know how much money you can afford to spend, as well as how many corner guards you're going to need (and in what dimensions those guards have to cover). Once you know that you can figure out the maximum amount of money you can spend per cover guard. This will keep you from buying outside your price range, but it's important to note that you may be able to get a discount on your metal guards if you're buying them in bulk.

Some quick tips can be found in our video:

For more information on picking the right metal corner guards for your project simply contact us today!

Tuesday 18 November 2014

What Are The Advantages of Galvanized Steel Corner Guards?

Corner guards have become a necessity when it comes to building. They provide an understated protection for wall corners, ensuring that as little casual damage is done to them as possible. Whether it's from moving furniture into an office or just the constant touching that comes from people rounding the corners installing the proper guards can be a life saver.

For those who need strong, enduring corner protection though it's a good idea to invest in galvanized steel corner guards.

Why Buy Galvanized Steel Corner Guards?

Steel corner guards are strong, durable options for protecting corners for years. The problem with standard steel guards is that they have all the weaknesses of standard, untreated steel, such as its predilection for corrosion in areas with a lot of moisture. For warehouses or offices in humid areas like dock fronts or along the coast this can be a serious and expensive issue.

Galvanized steel on the other hand is specifically made to give you all the strength bonuses of steel corner guards without the inherent weaknesses of untreated steel. Galvanized steel is still strong, but galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion and other forms of oxidation. The reason for that is there's a zinc coating that is worked into the steel (not just the surface), and the zinc helps protect the steel from the elements like a chemical shield. Galvanized steel will still succumb to constant exposure eventually, but often it will outlast standard steel by many years.

Is It Worth It?

Galvanized steel corner guards do cost slightly more than standard steel ones, and for good reason. The question that builders need to ask if if they're going to get their investments' worth throughout the lifetime of the galvanized steel corners. On the one hand if there's little concern about oxidation and harsh elements then steel will get the job done just fine. If there's going to be moisture, dampness, and other conditions that will lead regular steel to rust then not only will galvanized steel corner guards last longer but there will be fewer costs in time and labor while replacement sets are installed.

It's all about the long game.

For more information about the best corner guards for your building's needs simply contact us today!

Friday 7 November 2014

When Selling Your Home, Time is Just as Valuable as Money

Before putting your home on the market, you want to be sure it's in its best shape, both outdoors and inside. A sought-after feature of many houses today is a dedicated home office, or a space that can be converted into one. Even if you're not yet ready to sell, there are several investments that you can make now that will pay off in the long run, in terms of adding value to your home.

When trying to appeal to home buyers, practicality and aesthetics are surely two of your main concerns. If you don't want to spend a lot of time (or money) transforming your office space, consider the following simple improvements:

Add energy-efficient windows. The quality of the windows in the main living areas can make or break a home sale. With new windows, you can increase natural light while achieving savings on future heating and cooling costs. You can also receive significant tax breaks while you still own the home.

For even more energy efficiency, invest in a programmable thermostat, and replace traditional light bulbs with CFL bulbs in your light fixtures. The future owners surely will appreciate the cost savings that you've initiated for them.

Finally, install Boss Corner Guards to protect the new residents from sharp edges, especially if they have children or pets. Our stainless steel metal corner guards are the ideal solution for the smaller spaces in your home, such as the home office. Their modern appearance complements any style while also protecting your walls.

We know that your time is just as valuable as moneyContact us today to get started on your home office improvements.

Thursday 30 October 2014

How to Choose the Right Metal Corner Guards For Your Project

Now that you have decided to install a metal corner guard, the next step is choosing the perfect one for your project. Here is a quick and easy guide to help you decide which of our available corner guards is right for you:

Stainless Steel Corner Guards: The stainless steel corner guard is meant for indoor use in houses, condos, apartments, or even industrially in schools, kitchens, or hospitals.  It has a high-class, brushed finish which is somewhat like many of the modern appliances found in homes today.  It is by far the most popular material and finish available.

Galvanized Steel Metal Corner Guards: Designed to last a very long time even in the most extreme outdoor conditions, the galvanized steel metal corner guard is ideal for outdoor areas that are affected by moisture. They can also be used commercially for warehouses and building maintenance rooms.

Aluminum Checker Plate Metal Corner Guards: These guards are designed with a bright, mirror-like finish, making them ideal for any indoor space looking to present an industrial or high-tech appearance. The aluminum metal corner guards are meant for indoor use and will protect drywall, brick, and plaster corners. They also protect exposed corners of industrial machines or freezers/refrigerators.

Industrial and Commercial Corner Guards: As the name suggests, these corner guards are designed and tested as industrial corner guards for heavy-duty applications, such as industrial yards and interiors, warehouses, manufacturing plants, as well as building and garage exteriors, maintenance rooms, and anywhere heavy equipment or machinery is present and in need of wall corner protection.

If you are ready to place your order, or if you have further questions about our products, please contact us

Thursday 9 October 2014

The Ultimate Wall Protection Guard for Commercial and Residential Use

Are you looking for a product that can stop all those nasty dents in the corners of your walls? Patchwork just does not look good. Replacing the two walls costs an arm and a leg because not only are you purchasing the materials but also professional labor. Not to mention the amount of time it takes. So why not just protect those corners before the dents happen?

The Ultimate Wall Protection Guard for Commercial and Residential Use is ready to protect your walls! Here at Boss Corner Guards we pride ourselves in protecting the corners of walls for not just residential use but also commercial, institutional and industrial use. We have been serving our customers for over 23 years using the latest equipment and highly trained fabricators to create a product of the highest quality.

Made from stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and mild steel, our products also come in a variety of designs, gauges (thickness), and heights to choose from in order to suite your needs perfectly.

The stainless steel metal guards are by far our most popular, serving almost any application from homes to offices, warehouses and kitchens. Price depends on size and quantity but are very affordable for all.

Our galvanized steel guards are made with a zinc bonding process that protects the steel from the harshest of conditions. Ideal of outside, warehouses, maintenance rooms and areas where chemicals or even corrosion might be an issue. This specially designed guard cannot only protect drywall but also plaster wall, brick and corners of equipment.

Seeking more of an industrial look? Look no further with our Aluminum Checker Plate. Rest assured your design will be satisfied, offering the same outstanding protection for your walls but with a high tech look!

If you are worried about the variances in wall angles, no need. Most of our wall protection corner guards guards are available with our popular WallGrip Edge. This technology accounts for variances in wall angles, as we know that not all wall angles are a perfect 90 degrees. Oh, and did we mention the ease of installation? Simply adhere with some premium construction adhesive (available at any hardware store) in a zig-zag pattern and place on the wall. That's it!

We are proud to say our customers have rated us, "4.8 out of 5 stars" (Facebook).

Look no further for your wall protection needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thursday 2 October 2014

How Wall Corner Protection is Perfect for Your Office: The Benefits of Corner Protectors

Drywall corner protectors are used in a wide range of settings; this includes office settings. While many individuals see corner guards as an item primarily used in homes and schools to protect children from being injured, corner guards have many practical uses in an office environment as well. Here are just a few of the many examples of how wall corner protection is perfect for your office and the benefits that these corner guards can provide your business with.

Keeps Your Office Space Attractive

Daily foot traffic in your office space combined with the bringing of boxes of materials in and out of your business can cause wear and tear to be inflicted on your walls. Even when being careful, the way corners stick out makes them an inevitable target for being run into, and it is also easy for items being brought in and out of your office space to get caught on corners. This can create a large number of unsightly scratches, dinks, and dents to appear on your wall’s corners. Corner protectors can help to protect your walls and keep the corners in your office looking fresh, new, and inviting for many years to come.

Prevents Costly Damage

Without corner protectors in place protecting your walls, it can be easy for corners to not only become scratched, but also for more severe damage to be inflicted on your walls. This type of damage can be costly to repair, as it can be difficult to fix these corners. Furthermore, if you are renting your office space, inflicting this type of damage could cost you to lose your security deposit. Thus, having corner guards installed on your walls now could save you time and money later.

Protects Your Employees

Having unprotected wall corners is not only hazardous to your walls, but it can also pose a threat to you and your employees. The way in which wall corners stick out allows people who are not paying attention to injure themselves on them. When one is preoccupied, it can be easy to harm oneself on a sharp corner. Thusly, installing corner guards can help to ensure that your office is a safer working environment.

Installing corner guards in your office can be the perfect way to protect your walls corners from being damaged, and it can prevent these corners from inflicting injuries on your employees. Taking the time to install corner guards on your walls now can save you time, money, and a great deal of stress later. Contact us to find out more about the reasons why you should consider installing corner guards in your office.

Friday 26 September 2014

The Benefits of Commercial Corner Guards for your Business

Part of running a successful business involves ensuring your building is in tip-top shape at all times. One of the best ways of doing this is to install corner guards on your walls to protect them from damage. There are a number of other benefits of commercial corner guards as well, and here are just a few of the most important ones we thought were worth mentioning.

#1. Helps secure your damage deposit

If you’re leasing your property, this is a major benefit, as dings and dents in a wall could cause you to lose your damage deposit whenever you move. Install corner guards now, and this won’t be an issue when that time does come.

#2. Keeps customers and employees safe

Don’t worry about people bumping into the corners of your wall and becoming injured. Corner guards will keep everyone safe, so you won’t have to constantly be watching to see this doesn’t happen.

#3. They’re attractive and blend well with any décor

The reason why many business owners do not have corner guards installed is because they feel they will be too industrial looking. That’s not at all the case with our corner guards, as they blend well with any décor, and provide a neat appearance that won’t in any way be distracting.

#4. It’s easy to install them

You can get the look and protection you want without spending a great deal of time, since our guards install quickly and easily. Chances are, your own maintenance workers can install them with the tools they already have on site.

As you can see, there are a number of advantages to having commercial corner guards installed in your commercial establishment. To find the right ones, contact us.

Friday 19 September 2014

Protect the Drywall in Your New Mobile Home with Drywall Protectors

This week, we're proud to re-print a blog posted by one of our very happy customers (who has asked to remain anonymous).  A very interesting story, especially considering that it has been reported that 8% of the population of North America lives in a permanent or semi-permanent mobile home.

"When many people think of mobile homes, they think of single-wide trailers with wood paneling on the walls and a ceiling with vertical strips running from side to side. This couldn't be further from the truth in today's day and age.

Upon visiting a mobile home lot, you'll find that nearly all of the walls inside modular homes, double-wides and even single-wide trailers are made of drywall. Now, while this looks clean and spotless on the lot, just wait until you start moving in.

If you can manage to maneuver around the corners of your new mobile home, then kudos to you, but for the majority of the population, accidents will happen. So, how are you going to protect these newly painted, gorgeous looking walls you just purchased? You need drywall protectors.

How do I know this?

I recently just purchased my very own mobile home complete with drywall throughout the whole house including the entire ceiling. Let's just say - the drywall was beautiful until we started moving in. Then, came a nick here and a bump there and most all of it was happening on the corners!

I looked at my husband and said, "Whoa, wait a minute! We are bumping the drywall off. We need to find something to keep this from happening. We paid way to much money to keep doing this each time we bring in a big piece of furniture."

He agreed.

It took a bit of research, but I found a company that specialized in protecting drywalls that carried what we needed. They have great customer service and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

I wasn't sure what protectors we needed, but was quickly reassured that for a home we would need the 22-guage drywall corner protectors. You can see them for yourself by watching this video I found on Youtube. They also have a contact us page for those wishing to speak to them directly.

Now that we have almost finished moving in, I can't image what I would have done if all of our drywall was beat and banged from not being protected. I highly recommend that anyone who has purchased a new mobile home, a modular home, or even a single-wide trailer to protect their walls.

Oh, I don't want to forget - if you have kids like we do, you'll most certainly be happy you chose to protect your walls. Our little boy constantly runs through the house hanging onto the corners of the walls to turn into the next room at high speed.

Thank goodness for these corner protectors!"

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Increase the Longevity of Your Property and Improve Its Looks With Corner Guards

Incorporating Boss Corner Guards into your structure is a quick, easy and affordable way to enhance its look and resilience. Corner guards protect finished edges, both interior and exterior, from impact damage, scrapes, chipping and scratches. These robust corner protectors are ideal for offices, warehouses, kitchens, homes, condominiums and many other applications.

At Boss Corner Guards, we offer a wide range of corner protectors for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Polished stainless steel corner protectors cover vulnerable drywall corners, increasing the times between required maintenance and re-paintings, while adding a modern look at the same time. Thick, galvanized steel and aluminum guards are ideal for protecting machinery, loading doors and docks, building exteriors and more.

Most of our corner guards are ready to use as they are, while others have the option of being primed so you can paint to highlight them or to match existing color schemes. Each guard is designed to fit corners snugly, while maintaining a low profile for safety and aesthetics.  Our WallEdge Grip option ensures a smooth fit and reduced edge.  Have a look at our video for an explanation of all the options.

Several different sizes, gauges and lengths of each type of guard are available to suit even the most extreme conditions. You can shop our inventory online and order directly through our website, or use the Contact Us form to inquire about custom orders, send a general inquiry or to follow up on your order.

Boss Corner Guards is part of the Boss Steel family, bringing over two decades of experience and knowledge to bear on each and every product. Utilizing highly-trained craftsmen and the latest manufacturing equipment, Boss Corner Guards goes beyond the industry standard to get the job done right, every time.

Friday 5 September 2014

How Drywall Corner Protectors Can Preserve Your Restaurant's Appearance

Whether you've recently opened a new restaurant or you're looking for ways to improve your already successful establishment, installing drywall corner protectors may be the answer you're looking for. Not only is it a cost-effective upgrade, but it also carries a multitude of long-term benefits. To help you understand how corner guards can increase the prosperity of your restaurant, we've listed three advantages behind protecting the walls of your establishment.

1.    When a new customer or a returning customer walks through your restaurant's front door, they expect to see a clean and pristine environment. If the corners in your building are scratched and dented from the daily hustle and bustle, restaurants often see, customers may believe the upkeep of your establishment is lacking, which will cause them to second guess the state of your kitchen. Luckily, installing corner guards can eliminate this scenario completely which saves your restaurant from making a bad first impression.

2.    While it's crucial for you to protect the walls in your dining area, it's also important you don't overlook your restaurant's kitchen. Unfortunately, as the staff quickly navigates their way through the space, accidents are bound to happen, which is why corner protection is needed. Collisions caused by delivery men manoeuvring large shipments of food is another possible threat to your kitchen's walls. Installing high-impact corner guards can stop your walls from needing constant repairs which saves you money in the long run. 

3.    Running a restaurant is a costly endeavour and saving money in unexpected ways is key to succeeding. Using corner guards to keep your walls safe from unattractive blemishes means you have one less repair bill to pay each month. Installation is also a simple and fast process, that you can choose to do yourself. Your only requirements are the corner guards you purchased and a strong construction adhesive. Once both are in front of you, apply the adhesive in a zigzag pattern on the back of each corner guard. Next, you merely place the guard against the corner and hold it for around 20 seconds. The final step is walking away from your newly installed guard and allowing it to set for 24 hours. After the 24 hours have passed, your walls will have sufficient protection for many years to come.

If you're looking to buy corner guards for your restaurant, or would like more information on our product, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

Thursday 14 August 2014

Incorporating Stainless Steel Corner Guards Into Interior Design

It's a small thing, but it has a big purpose. With stainless steel corner guards, you can rest easy knowing that chipped and scuffed drywall isn't going to detract from your décor. But with some modern and industrial styles, a stainless steel corner guard isn't just functional, but fashionable as well.

According to Furnish Burnish, the industrial style relies on the heavy use of metals. Traditionally, the style was used to decorate spaces that had been transformed from their original industrial purpose into living spaces. The color palette of such areas is generally rust, black, metallic, and yellow-toned.

The website suggests balancing the metal in the room with other décor items. If you have metallic-colored walls, then shabby wooden furniture might produce the desired effect. Or metallic-finished furniture with a rich colored wall paint. The use of stainless steel color guards with an attractive brushed finish can be the perfect accent to rich wall colors and metal furniture, tying the look of the walls in with the rest of the décor.

If industrial isn't the look you're going for with your decorating, don't despair. You can paint our Satin Coat corner guards in whatever color you'd like them to be, so that they continue to give you protection for your drywall corners while serving as an accent piece in your decorating scheme or even blending in with the color of your walls.

Whatever your style and whatever space you're decorating, corner protectors from Boss Corner Guards can help you achieve and maintain a professional, finished look. For more information, contact us.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Four Reasons to Consider Drywall Protectors

If you're even aware that drywall protectors exist, then you're already light years ahead of some. The next step, of course, is to consider whether or not they're a good investment for you. By reading the list below, you'll soon see that far from being some elite product for the few, drywall protectors really are for everyone.

Four Reasons to Consider Drywall Protectors:

Reason One: You have a building... with corners in it. This might be a no-brainer, but we thought we might as well mention it. After all, if you don't have a building, or if you do have a building but it's totally round, then you would have no need for drywall protectors. As for the rest of you, read on.

Reason Two: People pass in and out of your building on a regular basis. Unless you're running a mausoleum, chances are high that your building has significant foot traffic, and while this may boost your bottom line, there's no denying that people cause significant wear and tear. Hence the need for drywall protectors.

Reason Three: You have employees. The well-worn phrase "the customer is always right" does not always extend to employees, especially to employees whose mistakes accidentally mangle your drywall. Better to protect you both and have drywall protectors installed just in case.

Reason Four: You're in this for the long haul. If you're only planning to be in business for a few years, then there's no need to think ahead about keeping your drywall in good shape. If, however, you're in it for the long haul, investing in wall protection is probably in your best interests.

Did any of these reasons strike a chord with you? If so, you're in luck. Drywall protectors are easy to obtain and install. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Corner Protectors: A Good Investment for Rentals

Do you have residential or office space for rent? Chances are, sprucing up that rental space has been on the agenda. New paint and new flooring are often involved in preparing a rental for new tenants. But here is one spruce-up item you might not have thought of: corner protectors.

Drywall is easily damaged, particularly at the corners. Corner protectors not only help cover up the drywall damage that was done by previous tenants, but they also help protect from the damage that new tenants might do.

Damage to drywall corners often begins as soon as the tenant begins moving furniture into the place. It continues for a multitude of reasons, including simple foot traffic, for the duration of the time the space is occupied. Additionally, because people like the places they're occupying to look clean and new, corner guards can add a finished to a space that can help to attract tenants to your place. So the best time to install corner guards is now -- before your new tenants move in.

Boss Corner Guards offers a wide variety of corner protectors to suit every space and every use. Whether you're looking for a functional corner guard that can withstand heavy duty traffic or a decorative corner guard that will enhance the look of the place, we have an easy-to-install solution for you. With over two decades in the business, we are committed to getting the job done right, every time. For more information on our corner guards and other products we provide, contact us.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Corner Guards for the Home Studio

Of course those working in industrial centers, busy offices, or waiting rooms are likely to consider installing corner guards. After all, foot traffic in these areas is high; therefore logic tells us that the possibility of wear and tear on corners is therefore also high. In order to avoid the yearly task of plastering, sanding, dry-walling, and matching paint, installing corner guards is a smart choice.

Likewise, those who own home studios should also consider this option for making the most of their space. 

Photography studios - Although foot traffic is considerably lower, those who own photography studios do bring clients in for visits on a regular basis. Since a professional atmosphere is important, corner guards can help to maintain an attractive appearance while simultaneously preventing against wear and tear.

Art studios - Whether it's print, sculpture, painting, craft, or performance, or installation art, getting the artwork safely into place is as important as displaying it in a clean and attractive setting. Corner guards will not only ensure against occasional bumps and scrapes while moving art but will also double as decorative accents.

Dance studios - Ensuring that stray kicks and tap shoes hurled across the room in frustration will not damage your studio is simple: install corner guards! 

Exercise studios - Free weights, medicine balls, flex cords, ab wheels, resistance bands, sparring pads, agility ladders--With clients coming and going through such a high-energy environment while making use of workout tools such as these, occasional accidents are bound to happen. Installing corner guards will help to mitigate any possible damage.

For more information on which type of corner guard would be best for each situation, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you need to enhance and protect your studio space.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Corner Guards: Kid-Proof Your House for Optimum Drywall Protection

Do you remember the excitement of finding out that you were going to be a new parent? After the initial thrill (or panic!) wore off, you immediately sprang into action. You began stockpiling tiny outfits, hoarding diapers, and reading all of the parenting advice that you could get your hands on. You then tore through your home, systematically taking every conceivable safety measure to "baby-proof" everything, looking for every possible way to keep your baby safe from household injuries.

Then your baby grew up a little, learned to walk, started to run, threw toys across the room, rode his bicycle through the house, used the wall as a coloring book, and then donned your old football helmet in an effort to use his head as a makeshift battering ram.

Suddenly, you began to wonder if now would be a good time to begin protecting your house from your child. 

When taking steps to child-proof a house, one of the first options to consider is to invest in corner protectors. With the installation of Boss Corner Guards, you will be ensured drywall protection able to withstand the roughhousing of even the toughest tot.

Pebbles sling-shot from across the room?

No problem.

Corners attacked with plastic shovels and garden rakes?

No sweat.

Big Wheel trike hitting the corner at ramming speed?


Our corner guards can handle that sort of treatment and more. And with multiple styles and sizes available, we feel confident that we can provide a product that not only provides adequate protection for your corners but also compliments your decor as well. 

For more information on the protective power of corner guards, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you. 

Friday 23 May 2014

Corner Guards a Staple for the Industrial Kitchen

The recent upswing in reality TV viewing means that almost anything can be turned into a hit show: including industrial cooking! The popularity of shows such as America's Test Kitchen and Iron Chef America stand in testament to our love of watching other people cook; however, how accurate are these shows in terms of depicting life in an actual industrial kitchen?

Our guess is not very. 

Industrial kitchens, although often smooth, shiny, and well-managed, are also places of high competition, frantic activity, and stress. (To be fair, perhaps Hell's Kitchen depicts this aspect.) Items are dropped, utensils broken, and machinery abused. Mistakes happen, which is only to be expected, but sometimes these accidents are more costly than anticipated.

Even the walls of the kitchen are not exempt. They will be splattered by grease, stained by smoke that escapes from the vent hoods, and -- most fragile of all -- their corners will suffer all manner of abuses as the staff bustles back and forth in their hurry to meet necessary time constraints. These corners will be chipped, cracked, scratched, and accidentally bashed into by distracted employees pushing wayward hand carts. 

The best preventative to unsightly corner damage, of course, is to install corner guards in your kitchen to ensure the ongoing safety and maintenance of your corners. With different sizes and styles available from Boss Corner Guards, we feel confident that we can meet all of your kitchen's corner protection needs.

For more information on the benefits of installing corner guards, or to discuss other preventative uses of our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working together with you.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Installing Corner Guards In Your Office Can Help Your Business Make A Proper First Impression

Keeping your office organized and in good repair is essential to making a well received first impression. Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happening is diminished when the walls in the space are marred with unsightly marks and gashes. Luckily, you can save your office from these types of blemishes by installing corner guards. If you're not convinced these simple but effective wall protectors can help your business succeed, the benefits provided below will definitely change your mind.

Protecting Your Walls and Your Finances

No matter how careful you are, accidents will happen, and while a spilled cup of coffee on the office carpeting is an easy clean up, a dent on a wall corner is another story. Whether the crack is made from a vacuum cleaner or from a chair running into the wall, its bound to create an ugly mark. Although one gash may go unnoticed by your clientele, multiple blemishes will definitely catch their eye, especially when they aren't repaired immediately. Fortunately, installing corner guards can instantly eliminate this issue and save you hundreds of dollars on maintenance bills.

Starting Off On The Right Foot

When a potential client walks into your office building for the first time, they will do so with a critical eye. Furthermore, what they encounter has the power to either make or break your business arrangement. If the space appears unkempt, which can often occur when your walls are damaged and dirty, you may lose them as a possible client. Avoiding such a mishap can be done by furnishing your wall corners with stainless steel guards. Not only will the installation protect your office corners, but it also supplies an attractive alternative to the plain appearance of most walls.

Painless Installation and Maintenance

Repairing a damaged wall is no easy task and usually requires a professional. On the other hand, installing corner guards is a DIY project that only involves construction adhesive and a few moments of your time. Once you've followed the installation directions, corner guard maintenance is quite easy and generally only calls for a quick wipe down with a soft cloth.

What a potential client sees in your office space often supplies them with their first impression of your business. Keeping the area clean and orderly will send them the right message about your work ethic. If you are looking to protect your walls, please contact us today to view our large assortment of corner guards.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Corner Guards Can Save Your Hotel Lobby From Unsightly Corner Damage

If you own a hotel, big or small, you understand the constant wear and tear that takes place in the lobby. With employees, guests and maintenance workers continuously traveling through the area, accidents are bound to happen. Whether it's the carpeting soaking up spills, the furniture becoming worn, or the walls taking a beating, the lobby is bound to need numerous repairs throughout a single year. Thankfully, installing corner guards around the lobby and even in the hallways can help lessen your yearly maintenance costs. If you're not convinced this economical solution is right for your hotel, below we've listed a few examples of when and how corner guards can save you money.

When Accidents Happen

  • The luggage carts that make the lives of your guests a bit easier can also lead to some damaging run-ins for your lobby's walls. Whether an individual is distracted by a ringing cell phone or a not so happy child, it's extremely easy to lose control of one of those handy carts, unfortunately, the end result is usually a chip or dent in a corner's drywall.
  • Keeping a lobby spotless is essential to your hotel's reputation. Which means the floor needs to be cleaned often. While vacuums and carpet cleaners are great for your floor's appearance they can sometimes cause problems for your walls. When an employee is in a hurry to finish the job, they may accidentally clip one or two corners with the machine causing unsightly damage to the area.

  • As you probably know, a hotel can need a magnitude of repairs, and at times there may be a variety of repairmen carrying heavy duty equipment through the lobby. While great care is usually taken by these individuals, accidents can still happen and when your corners are left unprotected, they can end up getting dinged or scratched.

Saving Your Walls and Your Money With Corner Guards

While there are plenty of scenarios where damage can occur to the corners in your hotel lobby, adding the protection of corner guards can eliminate all of them. These easily installed barriers will stop any mishaps from marking, chipping or scraping your drywall. That simple fact means, you will have no need to spend money on constant corner repairs.

If you're interested in purchasing corner guards for your hotel, our stainless steel option may be the perfect fit for your establishment. For further information about our products, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

Friday 4 April 2014

How Corner Guards Can Help Make an Ageing Family Member's Home More Accessible

As your loved ones get older, creating a safe and friendly environment for them to live in is essential to their health. Often times, that requires making their home more accessible, especially when they've begun using a wheelchair. Unfortunately, causing damage to corners with their wheelchair can cause your family member to hesitate when it comes to entering certain areas in their home. While it would be ideal if you could widen these spaces, the available budget doesn't always make that option feasible. Luckily, investing in corner guards is a simple and economical solution to this problem.

What is a corner guard

Corner guards carry the important job of eliminating the risk of corners obtaining dents, scratches, and scuffs from everyday circumstances. They come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. Whether you install corner guards in a home, a warehouse, or on the exterior of a building they will help you cut cost on maintenance and upkeep.

How can a corner guard help?

Creating an accessible home for an ageing family member that uses a wheelchair is no small task. Not only do you want their house to have all the necessary safety precaution, but you also want them to have the ability to move around freely without facing a large number of obstacles. Fortunately, installing corner guards can banish their worries when it comes to damaging the walls in their home. Since this cost effective solution protects a home's corners from unsightly chips and cracks, your loved one won't need to concern themselves with paying for repairs which may have caused them to avoid entering certain areas in their home.

Hassle free installation

Many of the updates needed to make a home accessible are quite extensive and require the expertise of a professional, thankfully that is not the case when it comes to adding corner guards to your family member's house. To Complete the installation processes all you'll need is a reliable construction adhesive and a few minutes of your time. You'll start the procedure by applying the adhesive to the back of the corner guard in a zigzag pattern. Once that's finished, press the guard against the corner and hold it in place for 15 to 20 seconds. Next, comes the easiest step of them all and that simply entails walking away from the corner guard and allowing it to set for 24 hours. After the proper amount of time has elapsed, you can remove the safety cover to reveal your newly installed corner guard.

Adding corner guards to your loved one's home helps preserve their freedom to independently move around their house which is key to keeping their spirits up. If you're looking to purchase corner guards for a family member's home, please contact us today, and we'll be happy to help you find what you're looking for.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Three Benefits of Drywall Corner Protectors

When we talk about hitting the end of something, we tend to talk about "running into a wall." That's because we think of walls as sturdy, impenetrable obstacles. This may be true of brick or cinder-block walls, but drywall is actually not a very sturdy substance. Dry wall can be scratched, chipped or punctured.

In a contest between the human fist and a brick wall, the human fist will lose. In a contest with drywall, the fist will win.  Since drywall is one of the most vulnerable types of walls, it would be in your best interest to ensure that your drywall is protected.

Three Benefits of Drywall Corner Protectors:

1. Peace of mind. Owning a home or small business can cause worry. Knowing that the corners of your high-traffic areas are taken care of is one less concern crowding your mind. 

2. Less costly mistakes. From time to time, we're all going to miscalculate distance or drop something heavy. Mistakes happen. Whether or not those mistakes cause a lot of damage or a little damage can often be the result of preparation. Installing drywall corner protectors can help bring down repair costs by shielding vulnerable corners from damage. 

3. Opportunity to accessorize. Any fashion guru will tell you that accessories bring together the look. The same is true for rooms. Installing corner guards around the edges of your rooms will not only keep your corners pristine but will also provide the opportunity to accent your rooms with a hint of shine. 

For more information on the benefits of installing drywall corner protectors, please feel free to contact us.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Do You Need Wall Guards? A Helpful Checklist

Perhaps when you hear the term wall guardsyou think warehouses, industrial complexes, and storage facilities. You imagine that wall guards would come in handy in places where fork lifts are used to move pallets around while burly workers move large boxes with hand trucks. 

Such places can benefit from wall guards, of course, but they are not the only ones. The following checklist will help you to evaluate your own potential need for wall guards.

Do You Need Wall Guards? A Helpful Checklist:

1. Do you have a home or small business? If you have a home of small business, then chances are high that the space in which you live and work has corners. (Completely round buildings are rare. We've checked.) If your home or office has corners, then those corners are vulnerable. Vulnerable corners can be protected by wall guards. Boss Corner Guards are available in many materials, finishes and sizes to suit nearly every situation.

2. Are you human? We hope so - or how are you reading this?  To err, as they say, is human. No matter how careful you are to take care of your space, you will occasionally still drop things, bump into walls, and scrape the paint. Such incidental mistakes are part of life, but the good news is that installing wall guards can mitigate the damage. To err is human, but to install wall guards is divine. 

3. Do other people or pets share space with you? Increasing the number of people sharing a home or office only increases the odds for wear and tear. More people mean more mistakes, and more mistakes mean an even greater need for wall guards. Pets can be rough on corners too, scratching and wearing them

If this checklist has helped you to recognize your need for wall guards, remember that we carry a full range of wall and corner-guard products designed to keep your homes and offices in good repair. If you have questions or comments, of if you would like to see an array of products available, please feel free to contact us.

Friday 14 February 2014

Checker Plate Corner Guards: Industrial Chic, Superior Corner Protection

In places like downtown Detroit, office designers are turning away from dark-paneled offices and depressing cubicles in favor of their city's industrial history and the clean, trendy look of industrial chic. The Detroit Free Press reported in a recent article that the new look for downtown office space includes bare brick, exposed ductwork, and concrete floors. The open floor plans foster interaction amongst employees and the playful designs and flexible spaces spark creativity.

If you're considering remodeling your office space in an industrial chic design, one thing you may not have thought of is how you want to protect your drywall, brick or plaster corners. Something that may match your look perfectly while providing you the superior corner protection you need to keep your office space looking crisp is our checker plate corner guards.

Checker plate corner guards are designed for strength in any situation, holding up on the loading dock or in the warehouse just as seamlessly as they will in your thriving office space. You even have the option of getting heavy industrial corner guards in bare steel, in gray primer, or galvanized by special order.

According to the Detroit Free Press article, in addition to the wide open spaces and the design techniques, those companies who are embracing industrial chic are also embracing color. Gone are the beige office walls. In their place: splashes of energy in various shades. Your corner guards can easily be painted in any color you choose to match the rest of your colorful space.

For more information on checker plate corner guards and other products offered by Boss Corner Guards, please contact us.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Why You Need Drywall Corner Protectors in Your Garage Before Spring

You probably already know that drywall corner protectors can be a good idea for your home, but have you thought about placing them in your garage? The walls inside this structure need protection just like other walls do, and below are some reasons why you should consider installing them before spring.

When warmer weather gets here, you’ll probably want to start some outdoor cleanup projects that you’ve been putting off. This means that you will likely be moving lots of tools and lawn equipment in and out of your garage. In the process, it could be easy to damage your walls, but you won’t have to worry about that happening if you have wall guards in place.

You may also want to bring out any recreational equipment you’ve had in storage during the winter. If you’re not careful, you might scrape a wall whenever you are moving RVs, boats or ATVs. As a result, you could have to spend time patching up your walls rather than enjoying these things, like you had planned on doing.

Maybe your spring cleanup project is your garage. If you’d already planned on organizing or even painting your garage, now is the perfect time to add corner guards, since you’ll already be working on your walls anyway. Are you planning to add a laundry room or convert space in your garage into an apartment dwelling? If so, it’s even more important that you include corner guards on your walls so that your hard work won’t be destroyed by one careless action.

When you get right down to it, corner guards are just as practical in your garage as they anywhere else. To find exactly the right ones for your garage, contact us.

Friday 17 January 2014

Add Stainless Steel Corner Guards to Your Project List for 2014!

If you’re like many homeowners, you probably have a list of easy projects you would like to complete in 2014. One you will want to add to the list involves installing stainless steel corner guards to strategic areas of your home. There are a number of reasons why you should consider this project, a few of which are listed below:

Easy to install

Our corner guards are surprisingly easy to install, even for those who have little home improvement experience. Installation can easily take place over a weekend, and all you need to place them on your walls is some premium construction adhesive, which is available at any hardware or home improvement retailer.

Adds Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, corner guards can make it very attractive to potential buyers. People will be relieved to know that walls are protected, meaning they won’t have to spend time after they move in making repairs.

Provides Protection

Perhaps the biggest reason to install corners guards is that they protect your wall from damage. This can be especially important if you are doing any type of remodeling project that involves adding a new wall, as you wouldn’t want this surface to become damaged right after it’s put up. If you are painting, plan on adding corner guards at the same time, since you are likely to be patching holes then anyway.

Require virtually no maintenance

The best thing about installing corner guards is the fact that once they re in place, you can basically forget about them. All you’ll need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth from time to time in order to keep them clean.

Take a look at our quick video for some great information and installation tips.

When you consider all the benefits, it’s easy to see why adding Boss Corner Guards should be at the top of your to-do list this year. To see the different styles we have available, contact us.