Friday 19 December 2014

The Difference Between Industrial and Regular Corner Guards

Choosing the right type of corner guard can make a big difference in the corner guard's overall effectiveness, particularly for industrial use. Here is a comprehensive look at the difference between our regular and industrial corner guards:

Regular corner guards:

Our regular corner guards are made out of either stainless steel or aluminum and can be used for indoor home or commercial use. 

Our stainless steel corner guards are our best sellers and are popular due to their versatility as well as their smooth, brushed  surface. Stainless steel corner guards are recommended for indoor commercial use in an office or for home use. The brushed finish looks polished and complements any indoor space, such as an office, home kitchen, or even a warehouse. 

Our aluminum checker plate corner guards are designed with a bright mirror-like finish and are a great complement for any space that wants a high-tech look along with superior corner protection. Unlike our stainless steel corner guards that are generally used on indoor spaces such as  homes and offices, our aluminum metal corner guards help protect drywall, brick, and plaster corners. They can even be used to protect exposed corners of industrial machines, freezers/refrigerators, etc. 

Industrial corner guards

Stainless steel and aluminum corner guards have their places, and they work well protecting indoor corners in homes, offices, and even industrial spaces. However, when you need to protection for heavy-duty applications such as industrial yards, loading door thresholds, interior warehouses, building and garage exteriors, maintenance rooms, and any other space that houses heavy equipment and/or machinery, you need an industrial corner guard. Industrial corner guards offer protection from transport trucks and loaders, as well as heavy equipment and machinery. Our corner guards are available with grey primer, or you can paint them any color.

For more assistance choosing the right type of corner guard for your home, office, or industrial use, contact us today.  We'd be happy to go over your project 

Friday 12 December 2014

The Interior Decorators Secret - Decorative Wall Corner Guards

When you decided to paint your walls and decorate your home or business, one of the things that you may not have considered were the wall corners. These inconspicuous areas can take a lot of abuse from people bumping into them with equipment and from everyday wear. One of the best ways to protect them is with metal wall corner guards. They don't have to be plain and boring though, decorative wall corner guards add spice, personality and a touch of class to your home or business.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel – It's found on kitchen appliances and other accessories because it's easy to clean and provides a crisp, clean finish. Installing stainless steel corner guards is another way to give your kitchen an updated, clean look. But don't stop there, they also look fantastic in a modern office setting, professional kitchen or warehouse space. Besides looking good, they also keep corners protected from the rigors of everyday life and work.
  • Galvanized Steel – This corrosion resistant metal is an ideal way to help protect areas of your building, warehouse or restaurant facility that are prone to moisture. Galvanized steel corner guards are generally used in warehouses, on brick buildings and even on equipment, but those aren't the only uses. They can also be used to decorate even the most modern of residential and office spaces. Galvanized corner guards are an ideal way to bring an industrial element into the décor for an interesting twist.
  • Checker Plate Aluminum – You usually see this kind of aluminum on machinery and in mechanics garages and that's a shame. The texture and bright, shiny finish make it a beautiful way to liven up any type of space. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also durable enough to withstand just about anything that you can dish out. Whether you're installing it in your home or your business, you'll get compliments galore from corner guards made of this versatile metal.
  • Sheet Metal – Although the name makes this materiel seem common and uninteresting, it's anything but. Like the other metals mentioned above, it's equally at home in a residential setting or a commercial location. There really isn't a place that sheet metal corner guards won't work. The finish isn't as shiny as aluminum so it's a bit more subtle, making it an ideal material for the less-than-flashy decorator with an eye for detail.
Decorating and painting a room, office space or building takes a lot of time, energy and money. When the corners get bumped, scraped and dinged or when water creeps in, it can be frustrating. One way that you can assure this won't happen is to install metal corner guards. Contact us to learn more about these unique, decorative corner guards and how you can incorporate them into your own décor.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Why Plastic Corner Guards Are Your Weakest Link

Putting corner guards on your building just makes good sense. Corners are some of the most often damaged parts of a building, both inside and out. Whether it's sleet and wet trying to wriggle into the weak point of a building's exterior, or furniture being moved around inside the office, the corner is where a lot of the damage is going to be done.

That said, if you're going to put up corner guards then choosing plastic corner guards might be like using a paper shield to stop a bullet.

What's Wrong With Plastic Corner Guards?

Plastic corner guards are better than no guards at all, but they're nowhere near as good as metal corner guards. Plastic breaks easily, it's at the mercy of the elements, and the first cold snap can render them brittle and easily cracked. Impacts will crack and break them, and plastic simply won't stand up to long term use. Even interior corner guards simply won't last when comparing plastic to metal.

Why You Should Use Metal Corner Guards Instead

The only advantage that plastic corner guards have over metal ones is their price; plastic is slightly cheaper, without a doubt. It's also important to remember that when it comes to construction and building that you get exactly what you pay for. Metal corner guards come in a variety of materials and types, and they can be decorative, practical, or both! If you need something that fits with your decor then corner guards with a brushed steel finish might add a touch of charm to your interior halls. If you need something on your exterior that will withstand sea side winters then galvanized steel will resist the temperature changes, the salt, and the corrosion that typically comes with a moist atmosphere.

Even the toughest plastics won't be able to hold a candle to metal corner guards, and they'll need to be replaced more often. Buying cheaper corner guards and replacing them every few years (or more) means that in the long term plastic corner guards aren't even less expensive than their metal counterparts.

For more information on the corner guards that will suit your building simply contact us today!