Friday 14 February 2014

Checker Plate Corner Guards: Industrial Chic, Superior Corner Protection

In places like downtown Detroit, office designers are turning away from dark-paneled offices and depressing cubicles in favor of their city's industrial history and the clean, trendy look of industrial chic. The Detroit Free Press reported in a recent article that the new look for downtown office space includes bare brick, exposed ductwork, and concrete floors. The open floor plans foster interaction amongst employees and the playful designs and flexible spaces spark creativity.

If you're considering remodeling your office space in an industrial chic design, one thing you may not have thought of is how you want to protect your drywall, brick or plaster corners. Something that may match your look perfectly while providing you the superior corner protection you need to keep your office space looking crisp is our checker plate corner guards.

Checker plate corner guards are designed for strength in any situation, holding up on the loading dock or in the warehouse just as seamlessly as they will in your thriving office space. You even have the option of getting heavy industrial corner guards in bare steel, in gray primer, or galvanized by special order.

According to the Detroit Free Press article, in addition to the wide open spaces and the design techniques, those companies who are embracing industrial chic are also embracing color. Gone are the beige office walls. In their place: splashes of energy in various shades. Your corner guards can easily be painted in any color you choose to match the rest of your colorful space.

For more information on checker plate corner guards and other products offered by Boss Corner Guards, please contact us.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Why You Need Drywall Corner Protectors in Your Garage Before Spring

You probably already know that drywall corner protectors can be a good idea for your home, but have you thought about placing them in your garage? The walls inside this structure need protection just like other walls do, and below are some reasons why you should consider installing them before spring.

When warmer weather gets here, you’ll probably want to start some outdoor cleanup projects that you’ve been putting off. This means that you will likely be moving lots of tools and lawn equipment in and out of your garage. In the process, it could be easy to damage your walls, but you won’t have to worry about that happening if you have wall guards in place.

You may also want to bring out any recreational equipment you’ve had in storage during the winter. If you’re not careful, you might scrape a wall whenever you are moving RVs, boats or ATVs. As a result, you could have to spend time patching up your walls rather than enjoying these things, like you had planned on doing.

Maybe your spring cleanup project is your garage. If you’d already planned on organizing or even painting your garage, now is the perfect time to add corner guards, since you’ll already be working on your walls anyway. Are you planning to add a laundry room or convert space in your garage into an apartment dwelling? If so, it’s even more important that you include corner guards on your walls so that your hard work won’t be destroyed by one careless action.

When you get right down to it, corner guards are just as practical in your garage as they anywhere else. To find exactly the right ones for your garage, contact us.