Thursday 12 February 2015

Industrial Applications for Aluminum Checker Plate Corner Protectors

Aluminum checker plate corner protectors are seen more often in warehouses, laboratories and high-traffic walk in refrigerators. They are less often used in interior decorating, offices and homes. So, what is it that makes the checker plate corner protector more suitable to high impact and high traffic applications?


The checker plate pattern provides greater resistance to dents while also protecting the heavy equipment that gets rolled, pushed and lifted during daily operations in a warehouse or restaurant. Aluminum checker plate guards don't allow moving parts to slide by, rather they provide traction - which is why you also see checker plate aluminum on steps, ladders and loading docks.


Checker plate aluminum corner guards are not just for looks, their main purpose in design is safety. Especially in heavy-duty applications like loading docks and warehouses where heavy machinery and fully loaded pallets are constantly on the move, every precaution is of the highest priority. Corner protectors act as a buffer between the wall and whatever is moving around and provide traction to help stop objects from sliding. And did you ever wonder why aluminum checker plate corner protectors are buffed to a mirror-like sheen? So they are easier to see! Unprotected corners can blend in with the background making them harder to see and easier to run into. When all your corners are protected with aluminum checker plate guards they can't be ignored. 


Boss aluminum checker plate guards are designed for a variety of surface applications from brick and concrete to drywall. When you order a package of our checker plate corner guards you can use the same installation process throughout your warehouse, your high volume commercial kitchen or laboratory. This saves time and money when covering all the corners from the loading docks to the storage area to the main office. You can even use our checker plate corner guards on shelving, material handling equipment and counter-tops. 

Contact us today with your needs, and we'd be happy to suggest the perfect corner protection solution for your project.