Thursday 19 September 2013

Protect Your Investment with Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Whether you're the proprietor of a dance studio, the teacher of a middle school class, the manager of an industrial kitchen, a fitness trainer, or merely the parent of small children, you'll find that stainless steel corner guards will ensure that you're able to protect the investment you've made.

  • In a dance studio, there's always the threat of misguided tap shoes and costume racks dinging against corners.
  • In any middle school classroom, the constant movement of rolling backpacks, rough-housing students, and classroom supply bins can take their toll on paint.
  • In an industrial kitchen, delivery men pulling supplies on metal hand trucks, the movement of stainless-steel prep carts, and cooking implements being tossed about among cooks can cause unexpected damage.
  • In a fitness studio, free weights and other exercise accessories - not to mention clients given to explosive movements - are not conducive to keeping walls and corners pristine.
  • In play rooms, whether it's racing their plastic cars up and down the walls, coloring on unexpected surfaces, or inexplicably heaving their toys at the walls and ceilings with little to no provocation, small children have a special gift for damaging any and all rooms in which they feel inspired to play.

As the owner either of a home or a business, you're no doubt rightly concerned with protecting your investment. To that end, we suggest that you protect your investment in every way that you can, from taking out the proper insurance to installing stainless steel corner guards.

Fabricated from high-quality North-American 304-grade stainless, our steel corner guards come with an attractively brushed finished intended to complement the d├ęcor of your studio, classroom, kitchen, or playroom.

Best of all, installing these corner guards will ensure future ease of mind, since any concern with matching paints to original colors will become obsolete.

If you have questions regarding how you can protect your investment by installing our stainless steel corner guards, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Friday 6 September 2013

Stainless Steel Corner Guards Are Functional and Attractive for Apartment Buildings

Is there anything less attractive than the chipped drywall in an apartment building’s lobby? While it testifies to countless movers whose boxes and bulky furniture items have come in contact with the finished corners at the elevator or stairwell areas, it also gives the building’s interior an unappealing and unkempt appearance. With our stainless steel corner guards, this kind of wall abuse quickly becomes a distant memory.

Fashioned from 304-grade stainless steel, the corner guards protect against chipped drywall and the resulting cracks that call for patchwork repairs. Angled at a perfect 90 degrees and available with the in-demand WallGrip edge that minimizes the guard’s exposed edge, it is usually a good idea to install these products when the walls are new and the paint is fresh and free of blemishes.

The standard 22-gauge material of the guards is sufficient for most decorative applications. Depending on your needs, these guards are also available in thicknesses of 16, 18 and 20-gauge. Sizes vary from the standard two inches by two inches to a larger six inches by six inches. This type of coverage can be an excellent idea in the loading dock or on the walls around the freight elevator in the basement. If the 90-degree is not quite what you need, check out the 135-degree option instead. The latter is perfect for high-impact corners.

Installation of these stainless steel corner guards is a snap. Keep the peel-off PVC coating in place until you have positioned and properly adhered the guards with some good-quality construction adhesive. This prevents any accidental scratching with power tools. Remember to place the corner guards at the most impacted places around your venue. Since the brushed surface is quite attractive and stainless steel is currently the hot finish in interior design, there is no need for compromising and going with a paintable surface instead.

In fact, you may like the look so much that you take it from the apartment lobby to the inside of the units as well. Give kitchen walkways an ultramodern look – and protected corners – with attractive stainless steel guards. Boss Corner Guards knows that you want to keep your venue looking great but also have a budget to maintain.

Contact us today for information on the competitive pricing of our 48-inch and 96-inch stainless steel corner guard multi packs, and discover how installation of these guards will save you money on wall repairs.