Thursday, 24 July 2014

Corner Protectors: A Good Investment for Rentals

Do you have residential or office space for rent? Chances are, sprucing up that rental space has been on the agenda. New paint and new flooring are often involved in preparing a rental for new tenants. But here is one spruce-up item you might not have thought of: corner protectors.

Drywall is easily damaged, particularly at the corners. Corner protectors not only help cover up the drywall damage that was done by previous tenants, but they also help protect from the damage that new tenants might do.

Damage to drywall corners often begins as soon as the tenant begins moving furniture into the place. It continues for a multitude of reasons, including simple foot traffic, for the duration of the time the space is occupied. Additionally, because people like the places they're occupying to look clean and new, corner guards can add a finished to a space that can help to attract tenants to your place. So the best time to install corner guards is now -- before your new tenants move in.

Boss Corner Guards offers a wide variety of corner protectors to suit every space and every use. Whether you're looking for a functional corner guard that can withstand heavy duty traffic or a decorative corner guard that will enhance the look of the place, we have an easy-to-install solution for you. With over two decades in the business, we are committed to getting the job done right, every time. For more information on our corner guards and other products we provide, contact us.

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