Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What Are The Advantages of Galvanized Steel Corner Guards?

Corner guards have become a necessity when it comes to building. They provide an understated protection for wall corners, ensuring that as little casual damage is done to them as possible. Whether it's from moving furniture into an office or just the constant touching that comes from people rounding the corners installing the proper guards can be a life saver.

For those who need strong, enduring corner protection though it's a good idea to invest in galvanized steel corner guards.

Why Buy Galvanized Steel Corner Guards?

Steel corner guards are strong, durable options for protecting corners for years. The problem with standard steel guards is that they have all the weaknesses of standard, untreated steel, such as its predilection for corrosion in areas with a lot of moisture. For warehouses or offices in humid areas like dock fronts or along the coast this can be a serious and expensive issue.

Galvanized steel on the other hand is specifically made to give you all the strength bonuses of steel corner guards without the inherent weaknesses of untreated steel. Galvanized steel is still strong, but galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion and other forms of oxidation. The reason for that is there's a zinc coating that is worked into the steel (not just the surface), and the zinc helps protect the steel from the elements like a chemical shield. Galvanized steel will still succumb to constant exposure eventually, but often it will outlast standard steel by many years.

Is It Worth It?

Galvanized steel corner guards do cost slightly more than standard steel ones, and for good reason. The question that builders need to ask if if they're going to get their investments' worth throughout the lifetime of the galvanized steel corners. On the one hand if there's little concern about oxidation and harsh elements then steel will get the job done just fine. If there's going to be moisture, dampness, and other conditions that will lead regular steel to rust then not only will galvanized steel corner guards last longer but there will be fewer costs in time and labor while replacement sets are installed.

It's all about the long game.

For more information about the best corner guards for your building's needs simply contact us today!


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