Friday, 23 May 2014

Corner Guards a Staple for the Industrial Kitchen

The recent upswing in reality TV viewing means that almost anything can be turned into a hit show: including industrial cooking! The popularity of shows such as America's Test Kitchen and Iron Chef America stand in testament to our love of watching other people cook; however, how accurate are these shows in terms of depicting life in an actual industrial kitchen?

Our guess is not very. 

Industrial kitchens, although often smooth, shiny, and well-managed, are also places of high competition, frantic activity, and stress. (To be fair, perhaps Hell's Kitchen depicts this aspect.) Items are dropped, utensils broken, and machinery abused. Mistakes happen, which is only to be expected, but sometimes these accidents are more costly than anticipated.

Even the walls of the kitchen are not exempt. They will be splattered by grease, stained by smoke that escapes from the vent hoods, and -- most fragile of all -- their corners will suffer all manner of abuses as the staff bustles back and forth in their hurry to meet necessary time constraints. These corners will be chipped, cracked, scratched, and accidentally bashed into by distracted employees pushing wayward hand carts. 

The best preventative to unsightly corner damage, of course, is to install corner guards in your kitchen to ensure the ongoing safety and maintenance of your corners. With different sizes and styles available from Boss Corner Guards, we feel confident that we can meet all of your kitchen's corner protection needs.

For more information on the benefits of installing corner guards, or to discuss other preventative uses of our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working together with you.

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