Thursday 29 May 2014

Corner Guards: Kid-Proof Your House for Optimum Drywall Protection

Do you remember the excitement of finding out that you were going to be a new parent? After the initial thrill (or panic!) wore off, you immediately sprang into action. You began stockpiling tiny outfits, hoarding diapers, and reading all of the parenting advice that you could get your hands on. You then tore through your home, systematically taking every conceivable safety measure to "baby-proof" everything, looking for every possible way to keep your baby safe from household injuries.

Then your baby grew up a little, learned to walk, started to run, threw toys across the room, rode his bicycle through the house, used the wall as a coloring book, and then donned your old football helmet in an effort to use his head as a makeshift battering ram.

Suddenly, you began to wonder if now would be a good time to begin protecting your house from your child. 

When taking steps to child-proof a house, one of the first options to consider is to invest in corner protectors. With the installation of Boss Corner Guards, you will be ensured drywall protection able to withstand the roughhousing of even the toughest tot.

Pebbles sling-shot from across the room?

No problem.

Corners attacked with plastic shovels and garden rakes?

No sweat.

Big Wheel trike hitting the corner at ramming speed?


Our corner guards can handle that sort of treatment and more. And with multiple styles and sizes available, we feel confident that we can provide a product that not only provides adequate protection for your corners but also compliments your decor as well. 

For more information on the protective power of corner guards, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you. 


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