Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to Choose the Right Metal Corner Guards For Your Project

Now that you have decided to install a metal corner guard, the next step is choosing the perfect one for your project. Here is a quick and easy guide to help you decide which of our available corner guards is right for you:

Stainless Steel Corner Guards: The stainless steel corner guard is meant for indoor use in houses, condos, apartments, or even industrially in schools, kitchens, or hospitals.  It has a high-class, brushed finish which is somewhat like many of the modern appliances found in homes today.  It is by far the most popular material and finish available.

Galvanized Steel Metal Corner Guards: Designed to last a very long time even in the most extreme outdoor conditions, the galvanized steel metal corner guard is ideal for outdoor areas that are affected by moisture. They can also be used commercially for warehouses and building maintenance rooms.

Aluminum Checker Plate Metal Corner Guards: These guards are designed with a bright, mirror-like finish, making them ideal for any indoor space looking to present an industrial or high-tech appearance. The aluminum metal corner guards are meant for indoor use and will protect drywall, brick, and plaster corners. They also protect exposed corners of industrial machines or freezers/refrigerators.

Industrial and Commercial Corner Guards: As the name suggests, these corner guards are designed and tested as industrial corner guards for heavy-duty applications, such as industrial yards and interiors, warehouses, manufacturing plants, as well as building and garage exteriors, maintenance rooms, and anywhere heavy equipment or machinery is present and in need of wall corner protection.

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