Tuesday 22 April 2014

Corner Guards Can Save Your Hotel Lobby From Unsightly Corner Damage

If you own a hotel, big or small, you understand the constant wear and tear that takes place in the lobby. With employees, guests and maintenance workers continuously traveling through the area, accidents are bound to happen. Whether it's the carpeting soaking up spills, the furniture becoming worn, or the walls taking a beating, the lobby is bound to need numerous repairs throughout a single year. Thankfully, installing corner guards around the lobby and even in the hallways can help lessen your yearly maintenance costs. If you're not convinced this economical solution is right for your hotel, below we've listed a few examples of when and how corner guards can save you money.

When Accidents Happen

  • The luggage carts that make the lives of your guests a bit easier can also lead to some damaging run-ins for your lobby's walls. Whether an individual is distracted by a ringing cell phone or a not so happy child, it's extremely easy to lose control of one of those handy carts, unfortunately, the end result is usually a chip or dent in a corner's drywall.
  • Keeping a lobby spotless is essential to your hotel's reputation. Which means the floor needs to be cleaned often. While vacuums and carpet cleaners are great for your floor's appearance they can sometimes cause problems for your walls. When an employee is in a hurry to finish the job, they may accidentally clip one or two corners with the machine causing unsightly damage to the area.

  • As you probably know, a hotel can need a magnitude of repairs, and at times there may be a variety of repairmen carrying heavy duty equipment through the lobby. While great care is usually taken by these individuals, accidents can still happen and when your corners are left unprotected, they can end up getting dinged or scratched.

Saving Your Walls and Your Money With Corner Guards

While there are plenty of scenarios where damage can occur to the corners in your hotel lobby, adding the protection of corner guards can eliminate all of them. These easily installed barriers will stop any mishaps from marking, chipping or scraping your drywall. That simple fact means, you will have no need to spend money on constant corner repairs.

If you're interested in purchasing corner guards for your hotel, our stainless steel option may be the perfect fit for your establishment. For further information about our products, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.


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