Friday, 5 April 2013

Corner Protectors Provide a Flashy Finishing Touch

Congratulations! You’re putting the finishing touches on your renovation. Whether it’s your industrial warehouse, or your offices in the warehouse section of town, you’ve developed an industrial look that is both polished and practical. However, you’re worried that traffic (whether it’s forklifts, or overloaded dollies and carts in the hands of uncaring delivery staff) will knock holes in your wall’s paint job, or in the walls themselves.

This is where our corner protectors are the perfect solution. Strong, yet stylish, they protect any type of corners, whether drywall, brick, metal or plaster. Our regular steel corner protectors can be purchased bare, with a grey primer, or galvanized, and you can paint them any color you choose, allowing them to stand out, blend in, or complement your industrial décor. We also have aluminum checker plate corner protectors that provide a bright, flashy, mirror-like accent to your corners—making them stand out to the eye, and to the forklift driver.  The most popular, however, are our stainless steel corner guards, with an eye towards style and a contemporary look.

But don’t limit your thoughts just to wall corners, either. Our corner protectors can provide needed protection for the corners of your forklifts themselves, as well as other machinery that has a tendency to cut corners more sharply than intended. In your offices, add our stainless corner protectors to the reception area desk and coffee table, or the credenza in your conference room. Don’t forget doorways when thinking about what else needs protection from the day to day traffic in your office or warehouse.

So check out the wide variety of corner protectors available on our website, from steel and stainless steel to aluminum and checker plate, to industrial. We have a wide variety of widths and lengths and gauges to choose from when putting those perfect finishing touches on your renovation.


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