Friday 10 May 2013

The Importance of Drywall Corner Protectors

Drywall corner protectors are probably not high on your list of necessities for your home or business improvement projects, but they should be. There are many spaces in your home or business that need drywall corner protection. High quality steel corner guards look much better than nicked and chipped wall corners.

Consider Boss Corner Guards for these common spaces:

  • High traffic areas.
  • Dojos, or other sparring spaces.
  • Indoor sports arenas and practice areas.
  • Garages or transitional spaces, such as hard-used mudrooms.
  • Home hobby shops or sheds.

Not only will your wall corners look better, they will be more structurally sound. Repeated impacts causing chips, nicks and cracks in your drywall corners will undermine the integrity of the drywall. Eventually the flaws in the corner will broaden and spread, becoming flaws in the wall. Taking preemptive measures with steel Boss Corner Guards saves you time, money and the aggravation of having to fix a big wall problem that could have been prevented.

When you buy drywall corner protectors, be sure that you are ordering a high-quality product. You can easily get cheaper, plastic corner protectors, but you'll be replacing them as often as every month in areas of heavy impact. If you need drywall corner protectors, then you definitely need them to be durable and long-lasting; otherwise, the money you thought you were saving will be thrown away on buying more corner protectors. Plus, your precious spare time will be wasted installing them time and again. Do yourself a favor, invest in the best quality drywall corner protectors the first time around.

Please contact us to order your high-quality drywall corner protectors today.


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