Thursday 6 June 2013

Stainless Steel Corner Guards to Dress Up Your Shop

Corner guards are popular in offices, hospitals, schools, and in other similar buildings but one place where they do not show up often enough is in the automotive industry. If you own a garage, or a car audio shop, an auto dealership, or even an exotic car museum, consider adding protection while adding a bit of flair with stainless steel corner guards. 

For a typical automotive repair business, a mostly steel building with lifts and steel doors, adding stainless steel corner guards to all your exposed corners will do more than just protect them; it improves the look of the shop. Maybe your employees have never put any dings in your building but that sixteen-year old kid delivering parts is always in a hurry. Our brushed finish stainless steel guards, made from high-quality 304 grade stainless, are sourced exclusively from North America and look absolutely great. 

Car audio shops are notorious for all of the building damage they get. The culprits are more than just the cars or the UPS trucks. Large tools, air compressors, sheets of wood and even things like the large toolboxes most installers have are constantly in motion around the shop, and corner dings are guaranteed. Here you may want a little more style because of the ‘custom’ nature of car audio. Check out aluminum checker-plate corner guards and forget about constantly repairing your building while showing potential customers that you pay attention to the little things. 

Car dealerships are exposed to many of the same threats and can always benefit from upgrading the look of the building a little bit. Lastly the exotic car display, whether personal or professional… well, you already have corner guards. Don’t you? If not, contact Boss Corner Guards right away, it is a small investment that makes a big difference.

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