Thursday 3 October 2013

Corner Guards: For When the Unexpected is Expected

The very fact that OSHA exists says something about the overall safety levels of industrial North America. After all, if businesses, factories, warehouses, and loading docks were inherently accident free, why would there be a need for a government agency to oversee the overall safety and health of employees?

Interestingly, safety professionals and regulators generally evaluate success or failure in the safety arena by looking to the past:

Safety performance has traditionally been evaluated using “after the loss” measurements including Worker’s Compensation losses and costs due to accidents... These “reactive” or “lagging” indicators have a long history of use and have become the accepted standard for measuring the success of safety programs in the marketplace. (Phil Hagan, Safety First)

While such procedures are all well and good for the prediction of future costs and the evaluation of overall safety practices in particular industries, they do nothing for the prevention of accidents - a fact which Hagan goes on to note in his article. Simply keeping tally of the dollar amount of property damaged over the course of the last year does little to prevent the damages from recurring.

It's what's done with the data that's important. That's why accident prevention training is so vital. Likewise, careful allocation of resources aimed toward mitigating damage due to workplace mishaps can pay dividends in the long run.

To that end, businesses with the foresight to install Boss corner guards can rest assured that they have taken a critical step toward protecting their investment against workplace mishaps. While they won't necessarily save lives, corner guards will protect corners against equipment damage anywhere that heavy machinery is present. 

Whether you choose the Aluminum Checker Plate corner guards to protect against typical workplace wear and tear on your drywall, brick, or plaster corners; the heavy-duty Industrial Corner Guards to guard against heavy machinery damage on the corners in your warehouses, garages, manufacturing plants, or industrial yards; or any of our other fine corner guard products, we know that you will be satisfied with your investment. 

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