Friday 16 January 2015

How to Choose the Perfect Metal Corner Guards

Corner guards are the finishing touch to any building or remodeling project, commercial and residential. While they protect vulnerable corners from bumps and scrapes, they also hold aesthetic value. So, which metal corner guards will be the perfect finishing touch for your corners?

Industrial strength

For heavy-duty applications we recommend our Boss Industrial Strength corner guards. These corner guards are tested for strength and durability. The hot rolled steel in either 1/4 or 5/16 inch thickness handles a lot of abuse from delivery trucks to forklifts - you name it, this corner guard can take it.  Available bare, or primed as an option.


If versatility is the top priority, choose our Regular Steel Checker Plate corner guards. You have your choice of angles, either 90 or 135 degrees. They are available in a variety of lengths and gauges depending on anticipated use (heavier gauges for parking garages and warehouses, lighter for home or office use). You can buy these as-is or choose a galvanized finish option for added weather protection.

Galvanizing is the process of coating steel with zinc that penetrates the surface of the metal. Galvanized corner guards resist corrosion and withstand extremes of temperature and moisture better than any other metal, besides Stainless Steel.


By far the most popular option would be our Stainless Steel corner guards, which offer just about everything you could want: strength to protect (depending on gauge selected), superior corrosion protection and beautiful looks with their brushed finish.

Our Aluminum Check Plate corner guards are polished to add light and a high-tech look to the least likely of places. The gently rounded corners make household corners and high traffic office corners safer, and blend in flawlessly with the corner it is protecting. What about safe application to a variety of surfaces? These corner guards are easy and worry-free on everything from brick to drywall and plaster.

Let's talk corners!

Still on the fence about which metal corner guards are absolutely perfect for your space? Why not contact us today! We want to help you find the most effective, versatile and beautiful solution for all your corners. 


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