Thursday, 5 March 2015

Three Reasons To Install Stainless Steel Corner Guards In Your Restaurant

Your restaurant provides meals for hundreds, if not thousands, of people every week. There is always something happening in the front of the house and in the kitchen. Over time, all that action starts to show on the building, both inside and out. No place is this more evident than on the corners of walls in the kitchen and serving areas. This is where all the work gets done, so, it makes sense that it shows the most wear. But, the truth is, you don't have to live with it. In fact, here are three reasons to install stainless steel corner guards in your restaurant kitchen.
Minimizes Damage

Take a look around your kitchen and pay close attention to the corners at the entrances and around work areas. It's clear that the cooks bump into them with pots and pants, carts and equipment quite often. You can also see that the servers and those that bus the tables clip them on the way past with trays and bus tubs. Chances are they are nicked, scratched and damaged which allows moisture to get beneath the paint, causing serious problems. With stainless steel corner guards installed, no matter how many times they are bumped or banged, the corners stay in good condition.

Food Safe Surface

Corner guards made with 304-grade stainless steel cannot be damaged by food acids, dyes or fats. In fact, this grade of stainless steel is used in many kitchen appliances, pots and pans, utensils and equipment. In other words, it is completely safe to use in and around food preparation areas. What's more, the stainless steel does not emit any dangerous chemicals or odors, making it a very safe choice. In addition, this grade of stainless steel is immune to the effects of sterilization solutions and other cleaners which means it will last longer than other types of materials.

Ease Of Cleaning

Cleanliness isn't just a good idea in a restaurant, it's an absolute requirement. Bacteria and nasty germs can accumulate on kitchen surfaces and cause a myriad of diseases and illnesses. Stainless steel corner guards are impervious to most everything, but that doesn't mean they do not need a good cleaning. In fact, they should be cleaned at a minimum of once per day as well as any time they are soiled. The benefit of using stainless steel is that a quick wipe down with an antibacterial or stainless-specific cleaner and a soft cloth is all it takes to get them clean.

If you're concerned about the appearance and safety of your restaurant kitchen, contact us to discuss how our stainless steel corner guards can benefit you. We will be more than happy to go over the specs and to help you determine the proper size and style of corner guards for your application.


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