Friday, 24 April 2015

Boss Is In Your Corner With Our Industrial Corner Guards

Don’t you just hate when the outside corner of your storefront or house looks weathered or chipped? It could be because of normal wear and tear or a 10 lb. cat named Sparkles scratching at it as if it were her favorite scratch post… Whatever the case, Boss Corner Guards will be in your corner.

Sometimes you're a new business owner or homeowner and you want a low maintenance option for the exterior or interior of your property. A one-time solution is available with corner guards.

They are durable, sleek and offer the best option for your money. Boss Corner Guard's most popular and best-selling corner guard, the stainless steel look, provides protection for residential spaces, apartments, and condominiums at a low-cost of $19 for one 48-inch piece or $36 for a 96-inch. That’s twice the length for less than twice the price. It has a beautiful brushed finish look that is sure to please. It is very similar in appearance to the high-end stainless steel kitchen appliances.

It gives you value and it adds value in case you ever want to sell your home. Want to know how it’s installed? You do it. You buy the product, put on some strong adhesive and wait 24 hours. Performing a quick and easy installation without any additional tools or additional installation fees has never felt better.

Actually, it does get better. Boss Corner Guards last and last and last. So even when you’re old and grey, your corners will remain looking like a new-born baby, or corner, or baby.
Industrial and commercial corner guards are also available each for a savings of $23 to $60 if purchased on the website.

Depending on the level of traffic in the area, 22-inch gauges might be your option for low traffic areas. 16-inch gauges might be for high traffic areas. Contact Boss Corner Guards for more information on our industrial corner guards, or our entire line up.

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