Thursday, 2 April 2015

Industrial Corner Guards for your Auto Shop

Whether you run an auto shop, semi-truck service center, or fabrication garage, keeping your shop looking great is always a challenge. And, even if you own the building, rent, or lease it, you want your establishment to represent the quality of service you provide. Getting your technicians to keep the shop orderly is enough of a battle on its own, expecting delivery drivers, customers, service writers, and porters to maintain it as well is simply out of the question. And, in a busy auto shop, accidents will happen.

You need an interior space that can handle the wear and tear that comes along with the demands of owning an auto shop. From greasy hands, soiled clothing, large and awkward equipment, to heavy machinery, the brick and mortar part of your business is going to take a beating.

Prevent future, or additional damage to the corners of your shop's walls with industrial corner guards. Their sleek and professional look are aesthetically pleasing while being extremely durable. They are designed for high-traffic areas, and are very simple to install. Apply a quality construction adhesive to the back of your corner guard, hold for 15 seconds, and let it set for 24 hours, peel off the protective cover, and you're done.

Steel industrial and commercial grade corner guards will protect the corners of your shops walls, and give it a polished look while being easy to clean. For a very slick look, you can also choose Aluminum Checker Plate corner protectors.  Corner guards will also save you time and money from having to replace damaged dry wall, plaster, and chipped paint.

Maintain and protect your shop to make this dirty job a little less messy with industrial corner guards, and please contact us today for a superior product from a company with over twenty-four years of experience.


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