Thursday, 16 April 2015

Stainless Steel Corner Guards: A Solid Investment

Corners take a lot of abuse. Whether it's moving furniture or taking a turn that's a bit too shallow with a forklift, all it takes is a single incident to leave a lasting scar on a building. Even the elements can wear away at corners, causing real damage over a relatively short period of time. That's why it's important to invest in stainless steel corner guards.

Are Stainless Steel Corner Guards Really Necessary?

While no one will argue that buildings should have their corners left unguarded and unprotected the necessity of stainless steel corner guards isn't always apparent. After all it's less expensive to buy and install plastic or wooden corner guards.

The problem is that corner guards are not an expense; they're an investment in your building.

Wood and plastic corner guards will splinter and break if they're struck, and they won't provide the same physical protection that stainless steel does. Not only that but sun, wind, rain, and even moisture in the air will quickly cause wood, plastic, and other subpar materials to bleach, grow brittle, and crack. Stainless steel will last for years and years showing no signs of wear and tear, while other materials will need to be removed, and new corner guards will have to be installed in their place. Those costs can quickly add up when you consider the cost of removal, the cost of buying new corner guards, and the cost of having them installed.

Stainless steel only has to be bought and installed once. In addition to the solid protection it provides your building's corners it also adds a smooth, space-age finish that gives an air of style and importance to even average locations. For more information on what makes stainless steel corner guards the superior investment simply contact us and talk to one of our experts!


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